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In This Series

What Happens When You Die?

May 7, 2023 | Pastor Brandon Johnson

What takes place the moment a person dies? Pastor Brandon shares what the Bible teaches about death and eternity. You won't want to miss this teaching! 

The 4 Women in Revelation

May 14, 2023 | Pastor Brandon & Brittany Johnson

Did you know 4 women are mentioned in the book of Revelation? Even more interesting is that they represent the women of today. In this message, Pastor Brandon & Brittany share an encouraging Mother's Day message calling the ladies to be women of God. 

The Next World Changing Event

May 21, 2023 | Pastor Brandon Johnson

What is the event that will change the world? The rapture of the church. Pastor Brandon shares from scripture what will take place on earth once this world-changing event happens. 

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