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Worship Service

A Worship Service For Everyone

Are you looking for a worship service where you can worship god and you can truly be free and express yourself? Have you been looking for a non denominational service in the Gulf Coast area that will allow you to discover your own pure identity, and fly free from the chains of your own mind? Well please come down to The Ark Church. We are a fully inclusive and open minded church, and we would love to have you down here. People from all walks of life come down to The Ark Church, and we fully welcome anyone and everyone into our warm and smothering arms. Whether you are feeling lost and looking for purpose in your life, or you are trying to find a new local church to frequent; The Ark Church is here for each and every single one of you!


At The Ark Church, we make sure to have the most inviting, and nurturing atmosphere. We really want people from all sorts of backgrounds to be fully comfortable and feel welcome here. This is part of what makes our church so special, we don't care where you have been, or what you did last weekend, we just care that you are here and ready to worship with us!


So if you are looking for a great worship service, then you should come down to The Ark Church and check us out. We can’t wait to see you down here soon, call us if you have any questions!

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